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Microsoft Dynamics CRM + SharePoint Server 2010 Integration: Points to Ponder

We had a scenario in a recent project that required integration of Dynamics CRM with a propriety document management system (DMS) even though the customer already had SharePoint server available in its enterprise.

The customer kept on insisting the CRM to be integrated with custom DMS, rather than SharePoint just because they never used it. I literally had to go through a list of pros/cons to discuss in detail with the customer the power and ease that SharePoint brings with it.

What does it provide? One of the best additions to CRM 2011 is tight integration with SharePoint 2010 for storing documents. With zero efforts, when we install Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint Server integration is enabled by default.
  • Document version tracking -->History tracking
  • Integration of SharePoint with Outlook such that a document can be saved directly from mailbox
  • Collaborative tools-->Improve team productivity
  • Security-->content integrity
  • Well known windows user interface for quick speedup
  • Workflow -->Easy of management
However, for a richer user experience, this link will be helpful.


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